Two business lines and global presence

Physitrack is a global digital healthcare provider with staff on four continents, customers in 17 time zones, and patients in 187 countries, mainly focused on the B2B physiotherapy and musculoskeletal care market.

The company has two business lines:

1. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based software platform tailored to physiotherapy and musculoskeletal care, encompassing clinical home exercises, education prescription, outcomes tracking, triaging and Telehealth.

2. Virtual-first wellness and care services powered by Physitrack Group technology with corporate wellness and care professionals  in the UK, Germany and the Nordics.

SaaS offering - tailored to both small and large healthcare establishments
The Physitrack technology platform digitizes the entire patient journey, from initial contact to patient interactions and outcomes tracking, empowering practitioners to deliver better care.

The SaaS platform is offered through a cloud-based software suite that can be tailored by customers to specific patient needs and is also offered as a white label solution.

The Virtual care offering caters to payers such as insurance companies and hospital operators through in-house physiotherapists using Physitrack technology in parallel with hands-on care as needed with specific patient types.

Customers pay us monthly or yearly recurring subscription fees for access to our technology.

Virtual care offering - Leverages world-leading tech to provide excellent care

Following the acquisition of Rehabplus in 2021, Physitrack has extended its offering from a pure technology offering to also include virtual care, catering predominately to corporate payers that pay us based on each care episode.

We consider there to be a paradigm shift ongoing in how care is delivered and perceived. Through strategic initiatives and acquisitions, Physitrack deems it prepared to monetize this opportunity.

M&A program - accelerating growth and technology edge
Physitrack's organic growth is complemented with acquisitions, serving to increase the user base or for new market entry. Furthermore, we have identified acquisition targets that can add value to Physitrack's product range, unlock certain market segments and ensure growth of Physitrack's enterprise customer base.