Diversity Statement

Diversity and inclusion is part of who we are

At Physitrack, we are all different. And that’s our greatest strength. We draw on the differences in who we are, where we live, what we have experienced, and how we think. In order to build solutions that serve everyone - we believe in including everyone.

Our company and team are committed to creating and managing an environment of inclusion, and one that always strives to be inclusive of people of all genders, colours, cultures and religions.

Physitrack is a diverse company with customers in over 100 countries around the world. Our team of Physitrack collaborators is diverse and spans more than ten nationalities, with representatives of various cultures, sexual orientations and ethnic backgrounds.

For our exercise library, which we film in England, we cast the most suitable models and athletes for the specialties that we need, and this process is independent of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background and skin color.

Our online coaches include active and inactive professional athletes, professional dancers, choreographers, war veterans, all with unique onscreen performance skills. With the diversity of these models we want to offer you the clearest exercise performance and on screen guidance you can find.