Growth Strategy

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Physitrack was born out of an ambition to make a difference for millions of patients around the world by introducing powerful, easy-to-use technology for the engagement with their care providers. Our business has grown drastically, our technology has evolved significantly and we have provided substantial shareholder value over the years thanks to a growth strategy that combines customer-led innovation with sound financial management and a disciplined, well structured M&A program.

World-leading products and services

Our innovation is world-class and we never, ever lose sight of the end goal of our products and services offering: To be the best provider our customer's money can buy.

To achieve this, we have a symbiotic relationship with our customers, who make sure that we keep evolving our product offering so that they can achieve the best results possible, wherever in the world they are.

Our product team has time and time again designed, tested and launched new features in weeks to the joy of our customers, who learn of our innovation in our monthly newsletter Physitrack Connect.

Low risk, high growth, diversified revenue generation

We believe in moving fast, scaling our offering to market segments and geographies with a high potential for monetisation while keeping costs in check. We have a number of tools in our tool box to achieve that - notably our own localisation technology, a multi-lingual and a multi-geographical team of relentlessly hardworking individuals and access to an intelligent and dynamic customer network of care providers that knows its local markets and also speaks every conceivable language under the sun.
As a result, we can keep producing well-diversified growth at low cost, resulting in low risk for the business.

Concretely, we can typically take our SaaS offering to a new market in the matter of a few weeks, which we do on a regular basis - in 2020 we launched in about half a dozen new markets simultaneously.

Acquisitions of high-calibre companies

We have repeatedly added to growth and the acceleration of our business with acquisitions and we think this is a great way for us to develop our products and services, our customer base, our business model and our financial success.

We see a multitude of exciting M&A opportunities in the healthcare technology space and we are perfectly placed to capture them with a strong capital base, great in-house execution firepower and fantastic service providers.

Our first acquisitions - our previous competitor Physiotools and a number of leading virtual-first Wellness providers - were executed with discipline, speed and determination that added over €3 million in revenue, sustained organic growth and the release of very significant synergies in a short period of time.