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Care-enabling Technology

World leaders in B2B healthcare SaaS for rehabilitation.

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Technology-enabled Care

Leading providers of virtual-first care.

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Virtual Care M&A

Leaders of innovation-driving investing and industry consolidation.

Our M&A Program

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Care-enabling Technology

Physitrack SaaS on Apple devices

We are a world-leading provider in the provision of Software as a Service to the healthcare industry, notably:

  • Home Exercise Prescription
  • Clinically verified patient exercises to support notably injury and post-op recovery from Musculoskeletal conditions as well as prevention and wellness.
  • Patient engagement and education.
  • Realtime (via Telehealth technology) and offline engagement throughout the patient journey.
  • Outcomes Analysis

We have tens of thousands of customers in 17 time zones that support millions of patients in 187 countries.

We provide our software services through three brands:

Technology-enabled Care

Our innovative virtual-first care services are provided by highly skilled clinical professionals through the Rehabplus brand in the UK.

  • Focuses on musculoskeletal patient recovery in post-op and post-acute care.
  • Services notably private insurance-funded patient journeys.
  • Powered by Physitrack's world-leading technology.

Virtual Care M&A

Our M&A program has executed multiple successful transactions to date.

The key components of our transaction methodology are:

  • Identification of value-driving acquisitions of profitable companies of relevant size.
  • Efficient and cost effective deal structuring, due diligence and transaction completion with an optimal combination of in-house and external resources.
  • Rapid and effective identification and realisation of synergies in technology, customer base and financial dynamics.

We continuously look for potential acquisitions that can:

  • Grow our customer base
  • Enhance our technology
  • Enhance our product offering