Corporate Governance

Physitrack PLC is registrered in England and Wales and its operations are governed by the UK Companies Act.

Physitrack is subject to the rules derived from Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market's Rulebook for issuers, and has to comply with generally acceptable behaviour in the Swedish Securities market (Sw. God sed på aktiemarknaden). Generally acceptable behaviour is defined as the actual standard practice in the stock market for the behaviour of listed companies. Such standard practice could, for example, gain expression in the comments issued by the Swedish Securities Council (Sw. Aktiemarknadsnämnden) and recommendations from the Swedish Financial Reporting Board (Sw. Rådet för finansiell rapportering) and the Swedish Corporate Governance Board.

Additionally, the Board of Directors has resolved to apply the requirements of the UK Corporate Governance Code, as last published in July 2018 by the UK Financial Reporting Council (the "Code").

The company is in compliance with all of the requirements of the Code, save that the Board of Directors has not established a Remuneration Committee in accordance with Provision 32 of the Code and consequently does not also comply with provisions 33, 35, 36, 40 and 41 of the Code.

In light of the size of the company and its simple remuneration structure, which does not include any formulaic bonuses or share incentive schemes, all matters related to director and senior management remuneration will initially be considered by the Board as a whole (subject to the requirements of the Articles and the UK Companies Act). The company will keep the decision whether to establish a Remuneration Committee under review in light of its existing and potential future remuneration structure.

Corporate Governance reports

No reports available yet.